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Who we are

Bridge to Better is a non-profit organization that assists undocumented migrants with their voluntary return to their homeland. Often the situation for men and women without a residence permit in the Netherlands is hopeless. Out of compassion we hope to bring a change to this. During our two to four month program we help people from an underprivileged situation to a promising future. We do this by offering them training and coaching, and by teaching them how to start their own business so when they are able to stand on their own feet and provide their local community with a positive boost upon return.

The current situation

In the Netherlands there are approximately 100,000 undocumented aliens. Every week about a thousand new asylum seekers arrive. For many of them obtaining a residence permit - even after ten years - is not a feasible option. Because of their illegal status, these men and women often are without work or housing. They soon find themselves in a hopeless situation. A safety net is missing.

The men and women without residence permits bit by bit lose their dignity and self-confidence, while the government costs for them are pressing on society. In this situation, no one benefits. Everyone loses. Bridge to Better is committed to a cheap and honorable solution. Both for the undocumented people and our society. Voluntary return to countries of origin costs considerably less money than the detention of immigrants or new, often hopeless procedures. Furthermore, we believe that our fellow human beings without a legal status in the Netherlands deserve compassion. Aliens want to lead a dignified, independent life just like all of us. But in their current position, they can not do this alone. Bridge to Better offers them an honorable solution.

From an underprivileged situation to a promising future

Using coaching, training and instruction in entrepreneurship, we help people without a legal status to return to their country of origin with a renewed perspective. The key word to this is empowerment. We believe in restoring the independence of the people we assist. To this end, they follow a two to four months program prepared by us. During this time we are working closely with the refugees, in order that they will go from an underprivileged situation to a promising future. Each participant writes his own business and get a personal coach.

Some of our members are highly traumatized and vulnerable. Think of former child soldiers or victims of trafficking. These men and women receive additional intensive counseling and psychosocial support.